A startup company focused on the development of a 3D geology modeling web-services platform for mineral exploration companies & professionals.

The Concept Behind Minex3D.com

Projects ranging from infrastructure design to mineral exploration, companies from the engineering sector to mining, and concerned groups as environmental and government are users of geographic information systems to capture, store, and visualize their data; When it comes to visualization of real data, everyone is faced with two options: a) spend a significant amount of money to access 3D visualization & modeling platforms or b) give-up the third dimension, and go for less expensive options.

As experienced users of GIS for mineral exploration, engineering, and especially 3D modeling, the team at minex3d.com came to the realization that the issue lays in the whole approach of the software development companies, who assemble large systems, such systems in turn cost a large amount of resources to develop & maintain. So the way to achieve a cost-effective visualization & modeling system is by placing the whole of it on the cloud, and automatize as much of it as possible.

In shorth: www.minex3d.com stands for cost-effective subsurface models, with access over the web on multiple platforms & devices, with no software installation plus using web optimized data models stored on secure data bases, focus on modularity for easy servicing, plus a GIS automated backend (machine workers), all this with the best end-user experience in mind. Aditionally the services platform is arranged in a layered pricing structure (free, yearly subscribers, & on-demand users).


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Present drill results in a lite & compelling way, on the web, 3D with no installations

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