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Does Minex3D.com offer software for sale or licensing?

Minex3D.com does not offer software for sale; the goal of Minex3D is to offer services, and by means of these services save its clients all the costs related to direct software licensing, plus save the clients the costs related to infrastructure needed to support the software platforms and keeping the system up to date (eg. renew specific hardware), additionally save the client all personel costs (IT & tech salaries, training, etc) that are neccesary to keep such a system up and running. For further detail please review the concept presentation.

Will Minex3D.com start charging its clients over time for new visualization capabilities?

Minex3D.com only charges its clients for the modeling tasks.     The visualization infrastructure, and any new representation & visualization capability that is added to the site will always be considered as part of the package that the clients get regardless of the novelty that any new functionality may be. This single condition is not subject to future changes of policy as its in the core of the concept that led to the initiation of this services project.