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Get what you are looking for, and pay only for that. Get 3D geologic models from your data, with transparent pricing. The rest comes as part of the infrastructure/platform and has no aditional cost.

Geologic 3D Modeling

We have 10 years of specialized experience in geology & 3D modeling applied in exploration for precious and base metals, successfully developing the knowledge infrastructure of world class projects for large cap mining/exploration companies.

Access to 3D Visualization Infrastructure

Once you become a client (which does not mean to start paying fees) you get access to the visualization infrastructure of the site.
You get from the start the needed viewing capability of your Drillhole data, geochem & other surface data sets, and you get upgraded to viewing of other types of sets as technology becomes available.

24/7 Access to Your Models, from Anyware

Contrary to 3D modeling software vendors, the modeling products offered by are not attached to any propietary viewer programs, and are available for review & download from the client's private section at any moment and from any location where internet is available. (The data is yours, the products too ... as a policy)

Become part of the comunity that shares the view of geology & modeling, not the view of paying for all and everithing. A comunity of mineral exploration people (from companies and individuals) that want to focus on the important stuff.